AABS' Exclusive Collection

The Wild Larder. This book is a compilation of lovely and unusual recipes which use ingredients collected from the wild. It is not one of those survival books. Instead, it is designed to complement your existing cookbook to create everyday dishes with everyday natural ingredients. $4.99 -



Suffolk Walks I. The first in a series of photographic walks in an unfrequented part of coastal England. Ideal for those who like long walks and exploring. Also ideal for those who like to plan walks before going - and those who prefer to travel with their minds. Includes maps. $4.99 -



No Blame Culture. One of the few E-Book versions that really explains the true meaning and values of "No Blame Culture". If you are in a supervisory role then buy this book and enhance your skills. $4.99 -



UK Slang Dictionary. Have you ever wondered where to find the meaning of those words and expressions that are not listed in the Oxford Dictionary? In this book you will find the most usual slang terms currently in use in the UK, with excellent explanations and examples. $4.99 -



Sembrando en el Viento. O. I. Bordes is one of Argentina's most up and coming poets. She has won a number of prizes for her works. Sembrando en el Viento has been published in South America but we are extremely proud to be the only E-Book publisher of her works. Please note that this is written in Spanish. $4.99 -



Traditional English Christmas Recipes.A traditional English cookbook of over 40 recipes that includes well known favourites such as Christmas Pudding, Roast Turkey and Christmas Cake. You will also find unusual recipes such as Giggle Cake, Suffolk Marmalade Ham and Wassail. Main courses, cakes, deserts, sauces and drinks from Old England. $ 4.99 -


Traditional English Country Recipes. A brand new edition to our English cookbook series, it is already proving to be a firm favourite. 50 recipes taken from an old English family and their friends kitchen secrets. This is a pleasing blend of ancient, old and modern meals all of which have been tried and tested before we put them into print. From Beef Wellington, through Queen's Soup to Duck and Black Cherries - we dare you not to drool! $7.99 -


Book Title. Coming soon .... Please bookmark and return.....

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